Mikes FLTK Widgets and Programs

Following are the FLTK based widgets and programs I have developed, or am working on.
These are provided without any warranty, and may not even work.
Please note that these widgets have only been tested using Linux.

All widgets and programs require FLTK 1.1.x from www.fltk.org


uCFLTK - A very cut down version of FLTK for Micro Controllers.
Updated: 23 April 2009
This project is just an idea at the moment but this is what I am thinking of....
  • Targeted at TFT displays (QVGA, WQVGA etc)
  • Similar structure and operation to FLTK
  • Uses current FLTK widget functions... but simplified
  • Reworked to operate in 'C' as most micro-controllers don't have C++ compilers
  • Targeting a single hardware/basic drawing layer file to port to other micro-controllers
  • Initial target processor is the Microchip PIC32
  • Needs to have a very small footprint


    Fl_Gauge - Simple Instrumentation type gauge.

    This is in the early stages of development. Alternate guage styles are not even started (Such as 90 Degree Square, Linear and Digital styles) but will be added as I require them and can find the time.
    Note: This widget has been tested on Linux only. The Makefile may work with Mingw... but untested.

    Fl_Gauge.tgz (~22K) V0.0.6
    Fl_Gauge.zip (~23K) V0.0.6
    Details & Programming Information

    Fl_PlotXY - Multi-line XY data graphing widget.

    Each line has its own scaling and colour capabilities. It can load and save .csv files.
    X and Y axis values and labels can be displayed. Axis values can be number or time formats.
    Good general purpose X,Y Graphing of data.
    Note: This widget has been tested on Linux only. The Makefile may work with Mingw... but untested.
    Fl_PlotXY.tgz (~57K) V1.0.13
    Fl_PlotXY.zip (~59K) V1.0.13
    Details & Programming Information

    Fl_Scope - Simple scope type widget for looking at data

    This was created so I could watch data coming in from a ADC Converter.
    It is very simple and could be expanded with more features etc.
    I will most likely write an Fl_Oscillocope in the future for more advanced use.
    Fl_Scope.tgz (~18K) V0.1.0
    Details & Programming Information

    Fl_TimeLine - A complex widget designed for Non Linear Editing.

    This was created for a Lighting control program that was never completed, but could possibly be used for video, and audio.
    Note: Needs lots of work and breaking down into smaller parts.
    Currently incomplete!

    Fl_TimeLine.tgz (~14K) V0.0.11

    Fl_DragMe - Simple widget to drag windows around.
    This was created to make a simple MDI system.
    It is very simple and other people have now done similar things that have surpassed it.
    See Fl_DragBar for a more useable widget. Go to the fltk website Links/Bazaar then to Software->Widgets->Fl_DragBar
    Fl_DragMe.tgz (~14K) V0.0.2


    PICCGUI - Interface for the Hitech PIC C Compiler
    Looks and operated similar to the MPLAB interface
    Very much experimental and not updated for a very long time!
    piccgui.tgz (~32K) V0.0.6

    If you have any (good) comments, fixes, etc please email them to mike@kiwacan.co.nz

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