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KIWACAN is now just a site for my personal projects.

KIWACAN the buisness has been closed since 2007 and will not be re-opening in the near future.... but I am keeping the website alive for my personal projects.

Please browse the left menu for more information on these new projects.

I might still be available for some part time consulting... but I dont come cheap!

The older KIWACAN development board products might be available from a distributor in New Zealand in the future.
Click here for datasheets of the older KIWACAN products.

Other projects on my site:
These may move to be part of the generic Kiwacan site some time:

My FLTK GUI Widgets

My old Electric Car Project... Might start another one once I get a house

My Skydiving Video... not active

The first PIC32 website ever... very out of date!

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